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Bunny Sutherland ~ Cowgirl Spirituality

Who Am I


My Family lineage is a 7-generation Canadian. I am part of 5 generations of “Sutherlands” in my home town of Grande Prairie, Alberta. What has my life involved to bring me to who I am today? Well, that would take a long cup of coffee, but here are some highlights:  I was born the youngest of 8 children. My Maternal Grandfather passed away the year prior to my birth. My Maternal Grandmother was tragically killed on route home from seeing me in the hospital when I was born. My Maternal Grandmother was Psychic, as well as 2 of my Aunts. I believe Mom had Psychic abilities as well, but as a young Northern Alberta mother and bride, with no running water, melting snow to wash diapers, and 8 children within 10 years, who had time to connect to themselves!? 😊  My childhood was one of farm lifestyle lessons. My connection to the Earth was through nature. Blissfully, my days were spent out with the cows, ducks, chickens, pigs, and bunnies (Yes, baby bunnies running free in our hay bales) and with my beloved pony, “Star”.   My Father did so many things to support his family. A young father at the age of 21, his efforts varied, changed, and merged from working up north in Alaska during the winter (in -52  weather), to farming, horse racing, being a chuckwagon racer and owner, running a trucking business, owning and operating his own oil rigs, and owning and operating a family hotel, “The Sutherland Inn”.  Wow, what an adventurous life he had!   My Mom, from as young as 4 or 5 years old, would sit for hours outside amongst the birds and patiently hold her hand out for one to alight. Her communication with birds was a gift. She loved the outdoors and refused to come in from daylight to darkness. In her later years Mom was stricken with a stroke at the young age of 36 and from that point the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis appeared. Her life was changed forever. Despite this immense hardship I had a blessed upbringing. When I was a little older, I would experience things during the night that would send me running upstairs in fear to Mom. As most very connected Children experience, I learned to close-off my abilities due to fear. As a teenager I was always fascinated in the stories my Aunts told of their abilities. One story was of my Aunt’s near-death experience (NDE), in which she left her body during a hospital stay, and seeing the doctors working on her body below. Thankfully, she did return to her body and is still living to this day, delighting us with her Love and Joy.   As a child my Mom had attended school with a girl named Bernice, but who was nicknamed “Bunny.” Mom loved that name. My birth was in the 60’s, a time when you were kept in the hospital for an extended period, requiring the registration of birth to be done there. While Mom was in the hospital filling out the registration papers to legally name me “Bunny”, the hospital staff insisted they could not register the name “Bunny” because it was not a Christian Name! Imagine that! My Mom, bless her Soul, stayed true to her Spirit and stated, “Well that is what I am calling her!” and signed the papers. Alberta Registries did process the paper work, and “Bunny” it was. My destiny was set.  I now clearly understand how strong the universal energy radiated through my Maternal Grandmother to Mom and then, to me. Mediums are individuals born and predestined for this work here on earth. The parental lineage is also chosen on the other side.  In my very young childhood I felt I was a “Light Being”, radiating Love and Joy to everyone I met. My communication with the animals, especially horses, grew. I had many experiences outdoors where I know my paternal grandparents, as “Angelic Guides”, protected me from danger.   I used to be fearful of death, and yet had a fascination as well, often dragging my younger cousin through the cemetery. It seemed I was always trying to figure out what happens when we die. It was when I was in my later 20’s, after a conversation with my Dad, that I was trajected toward my current life path. Dad also had an NDE hospital experience, when during a test, he left his body and experienced from above what was happening in the room with the Doctors and Nurses. I remember thinking “What? This is my Dad telling me this?! My Dad! The man I trust completely with my life!”  It was shortly after that my father began reading the Bible.   From that moment on I truly believed in the world beyond, which is far different than just sensing it. With that belief planted firmly, my heart opened to my abilities again. I followed my heart, my “Souls Knowing” and life unfolded before me. After the deaths of both of my parents, the strange occurrences began again, this time with me questioning instead of being fearful. Once, as I stood on the ocean shore, my Mom’s ashes in hand, ready to toss them into the sea (in one of my Mom’s favorite cities), I objectively heard My Guardian Angel speak “Your Mom was afraid of water!”. I was brought to my knees in shock and weeping with thanks, for My Guardian had saved me from a lifetime of horrific regret. Soon after that my Dad, in Spirit, would often wake me up with a message, letting me know he was near. More recently I have lost many family members and they also have brought me many messages from beyond. My work as a Medium is not only communication with “The Loved Ones”, but more often involves channelling from the other side, describing what their world is like in the beyond and providing a means to help humanity find a place of acceptance, comfort, answers and healing. My delivery is understandable, grass roots based in, other words, “Cowgirl Logic.” I work with integrity and honour for those in need, both incarnate and discarnate.

Bring You to Your Path of Wholeness


Bunny Sutherland is a Medium~Psychic, Lifestyle Meditation Teacher, Transformational Soul Coach and founder of Soul WorX  Centre. Bunny created the Centre as the result of years of traveling which included: medium ~ psychic readings, college, facilitating workshops and channeled speaking. Bunny has been able to recieve  education on the studies of Psychic and Mediumship by the world's best. Her studies have also led her to the Arthur Findlay College in England. The thirst for professional training came when her life hit a wall with the death of her father and ending of a marriage, it was a very dark time and she needed to find some answers to the pain. Bunny’s personal Soul Transformational work led her to discover that she had the power to create long lasting change for herself including relationships and health. Having the tools, guidance and wisdom from all of life’s challenges, she knows there are others feeling lost, unfulfilled and in pain. She will provide you with the awareness to create powerful shifts in your own life. Bunny has been doing readings for many years bring profound messages and healing to those in need.   The Soul WorX  Centre is the place where true self help and healing occurs;~ It is not about wellness but leading you to your path of Wholeness~ My Guarantee..."It 's so body good"  ~ Bunny Sutherland~  You will find the Soul WorX Centre is a place where Nature meets the Spiritual. Inside you will find Northern Alberta's ONLY Indoor River Rock Labyrinth. The Centre is the place where all are welcomed; Farmers, Oilfield Workers, Blue Collar Workers and all walks of life. It's about meeting and helping you exactly where you are.        Completed Certifications  Certified Adult Lifestyle   Meditation Instructor  Certified Kids & Teens   Lifestyle Meditation Instructor  Certified Body Ascension   Breath Facilitator  Certified Mediumship Level   I & II (JVP School)  Certified Mediumship Level   I & II & III (Carmel Joy Baird)  Certified Psychic (JVP   School)  Completion of Mentorship   Program (Carmel Joy Baird)  Studies at Arthur Findlay   College        Current Certification Studies  Advancing Mentorship 2019 (Tony Stockwell)  Intensive Mentorship 2019-2020 (Andy Byng)

Help and Healing Services


Cowgirl Spirituality are my services and they are provided both in person and via our wonderful world of technology: e-mail, phone and zoom.      My Goal when spending our shared time is to Empower, Educate and Enlighten you. This will help you understand yourself, and ease your life journey.  Workshops, Classes and Events are program based leaving you with tools and insight to make the powerful shifts and changes in your life.       My delivery is understandable, grass roots based in, other words,   “Cowgirl Logic”  Your session will always be exactly what your Soul needs.     My Private In-Person Sessions are very in-depth.They may contain a variety of all aspects of my gifts including:* Spiritual Teaching, Psychic, Mediumship, Meditation;* I work for the Spirit World with great honour, gratitude and integrity;*      Purchasing a Soul Connection reading does not guarantee you a connection with a “Certain” loved one, after all, “Elvis may be busy up there”.      Purchasing a Psychic Reading does not guarantee or bring you the results you necessarily wish to have - i.e.: “Winning Lottery Numbers.”  Lack of knowledge or misconceptions about the world beyond us often brings forth those beliefs.          What you can expect;     Soul Connection Reading Preparation;     •ME: Before a reading, I meditate on your name for an hour and receive information from a different level of consciousness. This involves my Spiritual Team with the Spiritual Realm and during this time I cannot guarantee whom will step forward with a messages. All my communication with the other side is positive and based in Love and Light.     •YOU: Use your imagination and open your heart to the world beyond this one. In a private moment at any point leading up to your session, let your loved one in the heavens know that you are coming for a reading. You may ask for guidance from the Angelic Realm on a subject. Ask from your heart with belief and desire silently or out loud. This helps the connection during a reading. Please keep an open mind to receiving what comes. I know myself how we can get “stuck” in our humanness, wanting to hear what we want from a certain loved or waiting for something else very specific and, in the process, miss the beautiful messages from beyond to receive.     Prior and during a reading, the most important thing is to relax. Sometimes during a reading, things may not make sense, or you may not be able to recall a certain memory in detail; this is very common (Receptors amnesia) and it’s a real thing. The brain is trying to take in so very much information along with the emotion of the experience it’s basically on overdrive. 😊 That’s why in person I will give you paper and pen to write down your questions or take notes while we’re together. You may make a recording of the session itself, most commonly on your cell phone.  You may write down any questions prior and bring them to your reading, so you won’t feel panicked to remember them and won’t regret not having asked afterwards.  It takes the pressure off your brain to be trying to remember everything.  A few weeks after the reading, make sure you go back and listen your recording again to see if more things make sense. Working with the Spiritual Realm is not like reading a book; nothing is word for word. After all I am still in my Humanness. Some things are very clear and exact while other messages need to be interpreted and understood by each individual in their own way. Being open and relaxed is the greatest starting place.  I am so honoured to work for you.  Bunny